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Ideal PH

Between 7.4 - 7.8

Keep PH around 7.6 +/- .2 Pts. The Human Body’s Natural PH is balanced at 7.6 so properly balanced water is not only better on your pool equipment but also wont burn your eyes. Depending on the type/concentration of PH up or down you use Follow the dosage recommendation for your Pool’s gallonage.

Ideal Alkilinity

Between 120 - 160

Keep Alkalinity between 120 and 160 PPM at all times. Lower levels will adversely affect both liner softness as well as eat away Metals (I.E. Heat Exchangers, Light Faceplates and Screws) Adjust Alkalinity With common household baking soda as needed. Basically it should always be a fight to keep your Alk UP, Every time it rains it will drop slightly.

Ideal Chlorine

Between 1.5 - 3.0

Chlorine usage varies from pool to pool, and is determines by pool Temp as well as how frequently you use your pool. I recommend a Residual Chlorine Level of 1.5 PPM, However with a properly maintained pool you can get away with as low as .5 in some cases. Keep Auto Chlorinator Filled at all times.

Basic Care and other thoughts

Vacuum and backwash your pool weekly or as necessary. Backwashing should be performed when your filter pressure rises over 10 Lbs. above normal. If you develop a scum ring around your pool it can be cleaned with Soft Scrub with Bleach and a sponge. The Soft Scrub won’t affect the water Chemistry too much and as long as your gentle you won’t scrub off your print.

Shock your pool once per week with either Liquid Shock or Powdered shock (calcium/lithium Hypochlorite with an Available Chlorine of 85% or HIGHER) Once per week or after any heavy usage. This will kill off any excess organic material (Algae, Body sweat, Urine, Suntan Lotion, Etc) and sanitize your pool.

IMPORTANT! NEVER ADD DRY CHEMICALS DIRECTLY TO POOL WATER. Most Chemicals are not fast dissolving enough to effectively dissolve before reaching the floor or your pool. Once there they WILL start Fading or damaging your liner! Thoroughly backwash Filter then put your pool on full skimmer with the pump RUNNING and SLOWLY pour dry chemical into Skimmer with basket in place. This will allow filter to trap any undisolved particles and dissolve while trapped in the filter. Your Filter Pressure my climb up to 10 Lbs. soon after treatment, but it will slowly come back down as the chemical dissolves

Algaecide: My opinion, This stuff is DESIGNED to kill ANYTHING it comes in contact with. I don’t use it in the pools I care for NOR do I recommend its usage. Unlike Chlorine, algaecide does not dissipate, so the bottle you put in last year was still there when we drained the pool. The problem: Algae becomes immune to it, so it takes more and more to dose your pool.