My First Liner as Nautilus

One of my fav customers!  She had a bad float with her liner and took a chance with a company that no one had ever heard of.  Thank you!

Ever wonder what happens with a foreclosed home?

This poor guy bought a mess.  Vermiculite was trashed, liner was obviously trashed. What a Mess!  Looked great when we were finished with it though!

Another neglect

This was a customer whom I had done a restoration with another pool company.  Due to an illness with the customers family this liner had to be replaced after only 4 years.

Basic Neglect

This liner had simply been poorly taken care of.  Replacement was necessary.  I like this set because it shows really well how baggy the liner fits until we vac it down as well as again how nice the steps can look.

Major Floor Repair

This is a prime example of what happens when vermiculite freezes.  It basically turns to dust and crumbles away.  Nearly the whole floor had to be removed and replaced before a new liner could be put in.  I Also like this photo set because it illustrates how clean we can get the steps.

Another seriously old liner

This customer was quite a drive living in Urbana, Oh.  But the sheer fact that he was able to show me the receipt for the last time the liner was installed, and I was able to compare with the serial number on the liner that this liner was 22 years old.  My Current record for liner age!

WHAt a disaster!

This liner was old to begin with, but being the fact that it is located on a fairly steep hill with little topsoil means that during a heavy rain the liner washed out.  Add that with poor previous owner maintenance and a new liner goes in.  Had the pool been completely full over the winter this likely would not have happened.


We have a wide selection of liner patterns to choose from

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Thats an old liner

This liner was super old when it finally had to be replaced.  This was the original liner from when this pool was built in 1993.  The liner was replaced in 2010.  Prime example of how long a liner can last if properly maintained!

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