Completion - Day 10

After concrete is poured and finished, we do a final rough grade on the property and a final cleanup and vacuum of the pool. The customer gets a complete walkthrough on how to maintain their new pool.  The customer is then responsible for their fencing and then final inspection usually takes place.  At that time the pool is complete.  Final grading and landscaping can be done at customers discretion.

Final layout for pool and prep for dig day

The day before your pool is dug we will come out and lay out the pool and our guide stakes that will remain in place during the remainder of the construction process.  Last chance to make any major changes.  Look carefully and you will see the lines painted on the ground.  The pool is laid out 2 feet larger on all sides than what the actual pool size is.  This is called the overdig and must be taken into account when the pool is first plotted out.

We believe no dream is too small or too ambitious for your backyard.


You will work one-on-one with our expert pool designer.  I will learn about your vision, your backyard space, your budget, and your timeline.  Then we will create a unique plan to make your dream a reality.  Your pool will be built with the highest quality products, not products that manufacturers give me a discount on.  When I build your pool I will not cut corners or use substandard equipment on your pool.  You can rest assured that you will have the best possible flow and products on your pool.  I am the salesman, the contractor and the foreman on your jobsite.  I am there supervising and working on site during every step of construction.

Design the Pool 

of your dreams

Dig day -  Day 1

The pool is dug to grade and the floor is roughly shaped  a few inches deeper than the final floor depth.  The stakes that were placed earlier serve as a guideline for where the waterline begins and allow us to make sure the pool is placed in the correct location once the initial painted lines are dug up.

Site preparation

Any obstructions to your pool must be removed.  Trees or buildings are typically the responsibility of the homeowner for removal.  This is done while permits are being pulled.  Permits typically take between 2 weeks and 1 month before construction can begin.

The following is a basic walkthough of the process for your new pool construction.  These days are working days and do not necessarily represent how many days your pool will actually take to build.  Pool inspections and rain delays are typically days that work cannot be done.  Your average pool construction takes 3-4 weeks from start to finish depending on how long the customer takes to get their fence.

miscellaneous work days - Day 7-8-9

This day (or two) is dedicated to finishing up some straggling work.  Backfill is completed, equipment is plumbed and wired, various inspections take place as well as firing up the pool for the first time.  The forms for the concrete are set in place as well as ladder and handrail jigs in preparation for pouring the final concrete deck.  The concrete is the only part of the job that is subcontracted out.  I know my limitations and I am not a concrete finisher.  If the concrete is done badly then the whole pool looks bad.  We Use Mark Rodgers Construction for our concrete work.  A 13 Time winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award.  Customer is responsible for their own fence unless otherwise noted at pool sale.

Pouring the footer - Day 4

The footer is 8-10 inches of concrete that surrounds the entire pool, encapsulating the wall braces and stakes and basically gluing the frame and the pool to the ground.  Final straightening of the top of the walls is performed at this time as well as some other odds and ends work.  After this is poured typically is when the first inspection can be scheduled.  Initial plumbing lines are run, Light niches are installed and lower bonding wires are bolted in.

leveling walls and bracing -  Day 3

Day 3 is dedicated to leveling the walls to the proper final grade.  The walls are lifted to the proper height and shimmed at each wall seam. These shims are temporary support until the concrete goes in.  Adjustable braces are then bolted at each seam and staked to the ground.  These braces serve two purposes, they straighten the walls and give  some  structural support.  After leveling and bracing the pool simply wont move anymore.  The walls are very stiff yet still not strong enough to support the weight of the water.  You can see the difference in how straight the walls have become by the end of this series of photos.

Initial Meeting and consultation

I will personally meet with you and sit down and discuss your pool.  We can finalize the size and shape of your pool as well as any extra features, equipment pad placement and the placement of the pool itself.  A final written quote will be provided. 

I hate rain days -

This pool was built in the rainiest June in history.  We had more rain days than construction days.  But thankfully the customer was patient.

Vermic Day - Day 5

Vermiculite is the finished floor of the pool that the liner sits on.  It is poured similar to concrete and finished in almost the same way.  The biggest difference is Vermic is fairly soft,  It can be dug through with a shovel, can be scraped smooth and yet if very supportive and hard to the touch.  The vermic is troweled in and can be run almost vertical.  After 24 hours it can be walked on and scraped down in prep for the liner.  In the meantime the coping is installed and skimmers and returns are set in place and connected to the plumbing. 

Setting walls -  day 2

The pool walls are brought in and set.  The walls are bolted together and placed using the guide stakes.  The steps are placed into the pool and bolted in place.  At this point the walls are pretty floppy and have no real structural stability.  At this point the pool can still be shifted a few inches either way to make sure it is the proper length and width.  Cross measurements are also taken to ensure the pool is not trapezoid shaped.

Liner Day - Day 6

After scraping any trowel marks from the surface of the vermiculite and installing the coping the pool is ready for a liner.  After confirming that there are no leaks around the lights, skimmers, returns and plumbing, the pool can be backfilled.

2 years later

After your grass grows back and your landscaping is complete your pool will be a relaxing and fun place to hang out.  The pool should be simple to maintain and a pleasure to swim in. These pictures were taken by my customer nearly 2 years after construction was completed. A special thanks for the underwater photos as new clients rarely get to see a pool from that angle.

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